Hi Everyone!

 I figured I should give you an update on what we are doing at the Infinite Metaverse Alliance.

 We have been really busy getting all those details put in place to make everything work for you. The IMA is now officially a LLC Foundation based in Virginia and Arizona. We have our tax numbers and are getting all the other permits and such going with the city in VA as well as the necessary steps to apply for grants. We have a specialist grant accountant on board and a grant writer or two. We are signing up with grants.gov, D&B, and all the places that you have to to create accounts through to be able to deal with government and private grants.

 Part of the services we are building for you is more than 10 different websites to help our community do their thing and dream up really cool Virtual World ideas. The sites will include forums and our own G+ type social site as well as surveys to find out what people want most. We are really working to create resources that get our community involved!

 I am working on getting a communication and collaboration system going that has chat, voice, IM, video, audio, whiteboard, presentation slide sharing, and screen sharing. I am learning a whole lot doing this! Having some Linux server experience is a good thing here. Anyone who wants to help, give me a yell!

 Lisa is burning the midnight oil getting the web pages up and running. First up will be the main web page which will be a portal to everything else. That should be open to you very soon. I have been involved in this a bit and the page looks really nice, and has a lot of good information on it. When you see it you will have everything you need to know what we are doing at Infinite Metaverse Alliance.

 Myron and Bob are working on getting up a small Halcyon grid to allow us to check it out and see how it works and get good at dealing with this type of grid. It is a bit different than OpenSim, and is set up somewhat differently. It is a really good Virtual World server that should teach us a lot!

 Lisa and I are also working on a virtual outpost on the Metropolis Grid. This will be a interesting place to meet and have meetings until the IMA Grid is all setup. There is voice there and it should hopefully work well for us.

 We have been busy beavers getting the Foundation all setup and working. There are a million details that need to be worked on but we are making good progress. I will be going out in the world soon with our Grand Opening announcement and press releases and such. If you know someone who would be interested in knowing more or interviewing us for their publication, blog, tv show, or podcast have them get a hold of me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please pass this on! If you know someone who is not on the mailing list and would like to know more have them go to http://lists.infinitemetaverse.org and click on the red subscribe at the top there. There is an authentication e-mail sent out so look in your spam folder for it! They seem to end up there!

 This whole thing has been an incredible voyage for us. I am more excited about IMA and the potential we have to change the world for millions of people through our technology. I can’t wait to see what we can get done in our first year! Thank you for being a part of IMA!

Steve LaVigne
CFO, Infinite Metaverse Alliance