Welcome To The Infinite Metaverse Alliance!

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for signing up for the Infinite Metaverse Alliance (IMA) newsletter. Our presentation on The Forgotten Avatar at OSCC 16 proved very popular. People even told Lisa that her presentation was the best one that they had seen at OSCC! This makes all of us smile. You liked the idea of what we are doing for Virtual Worlds and accessibility.

If you would like to see Lisa’s presentation it is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiQGPAnMOqk

We really enjoyed talking to different people at OSCC. Our discussions were very interesting and we learned a lot! Hopefully you did too.

One thing that we discovered in spades is that the community really wants accessible Virtual Worlds and the technology designed from the ground up for that accessibility. We really want to hear from you about what you think would make Virtual Worlds easier to use for you.

At IMA we will be designing fully documented easily understood, accessible software that will benefit our community and the world. There will only one version out there. That will be our very best!

The Infinite Metaverse Alliance is a foundation that is driven by our community. We are here to advance Virtual World tech for everyone driven by what the community wants.

I hope you have read a little about us when you signed up for the newsletter. The diagram there tells a lot of how the IMA Foundation is structured. We think you will really like what we are doing. I will be sending out more of these notes and each will give you more information. By the time I am done with this you will probably know more than I do!

The Infinite Metaverse Alliance is not an exclusive community. We want to hear what you think about everything related to Virtual Worlds and Virtual Reality. We want the community to get together and decide what we want next and where we are going. We want the community to come up with a detailed roadmap of what the future will look and work like.

The IMA is not a small group of dev gods handing down edicts. The IMA is you! The IMA is me. The IMA is ALL of us working together sharing our great ideas and dreams of what our virtual future can be!

Please don’t hesitate to share these notes with your friends, family, and even your enemies! Help us get the word out to have a healthy vibrant excited community doing really cool and exciting things!