A litttle Magic happening at IMA!

Hi Everyone!

Christmas time tends to get me to thinking. Watching certain movies tends to do that too. Strangely enough today I was watching the new version of Pete’s Dragon and I got to thinking about what we are doing with Infinite Metaverse Alliance.

This year I have not had time to even plug in my Christmas lights. They tend to stay on the house all year long! Lisa and Myron and I were so busy working on getting IMA set up and going that everything just kinda turned into a blur. No time for anything but getting our Foundation going and on the air.

Well some good news! Infinite Metaverse Alliance is officially in business! We have the tax numbers now and are really really there! There is tons of more work to do still but it is all coming along nicely. We have a bunch of web pages to make so our community can get together and create something totally wonderful! We are getting the marketing plan going, and the grant people and the bean counting people, and the tech people and the world builders together.

You will be hearing a lot about us in the near future. We just needed to take a bit of time to celebrate the Holiday Season with our friends and family. I hope you are too. Just stop all the busywork and worry and go hug someone you love. Tell them how important they are to you. Send out a Holiday greeting to your competitors and even your enemies! Shake them up a little and let them know you are smiling and thinking of them.

We are living in very uncertain times these days and we all feel that and worry a lot. I think if we all get together this year in 2017 and create new worlds to be in where everyone gets along and cares for one another it will become a magical thing. That is what we are creating together with Infinite Metaverse Alliance.

Lets be together this next year and create new worlds together. I think that Virtual Worlds have the power to change the real world in so many positive ways. We can do that together and now is the time!

Steve LaVigne