Happy New Year from IMA!

Hi Everyone!

    Happy New Year!  We at Infinite Metaverse Alliance wish every one of our family a wonderful and prosperous new year!

    This year is going to be especially interesting with all that is going on worldwide. In 2017 we have a really good opportunity to make the world a better place in a bunch of ways. Sounds kinda crazy eh? It might be just a little crazy but I think that when we get our Virtual Worlds working right and doing what we want we can potentially help millions of people in thousands of different ways.

    Soon we will be putting out our first survey to find out what you think are the most needed fixes and advances in Virtual Worlds. Hearing what you want is what will help all of do what we need to do to make all our dreams come true. Dreams don’t just happen. Most of the time they require a lot of work! That work is always worth it though, especially when you dream big and then make the roadmap to that dream. IMA is there to help you dream big and make the roadmap to get there. IMA can help you get the talent and the money and the support you need to make things happen. You will most likely discover that a lot of people share the dreams that you have. If we all work together to make those dreams come true, we will be looking at a really good future for all of us.

    Don’t hesitate to spread the word about IMA to everyone who will listen. The more people that get involved the more that will happen and the faster it will happen!

    This is a whole new thing in the realm of Virtual Worlds and OpenSim. Now YOU are the one in the driver’s seat! Drive On!!!

    Here is a really inspiring TED talk that you might find interesting:


    Once again Happy New Year!

Steve LaVigne and everyone at Infinite Metaverse Alliance
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