Infinite Metaverse Alliance Update- February 2, 2017

Hi Everyone!

If you were wondering what we are up to at IMA here is the scoop!

A lot is going on in preparation for the official grand opening. A lot of learning is happening too! We have gotten a lot done in the last 2 weeks, but at times it is one step forward and two backward!

We are very much into getting all the details right and it seems that there are always more details to attend to. We figure that we should do this right the first time and save time and aggravation later.

We do have some good news! IMA now has a 3 region test grid up and going. Bob Curtice and Myron Curtis are working on this and they have successfully gotten a nice little 3 region grid up running Halcyon regions with PhysX as the physics engine. We have been having a grand time experimenting with how things work that you can drag or kick and have them react.

I was kicking a cylinder all over the place yesterday and having a grand time seeing how it reacted and spun around. Lisa and Bob were engaged in a game with spheres and arches while I was sleeping!

Bob is working out a bunch of little details on the operation of it like setting up land sales. I now own a little piece of land in the IMA test grid. So far the performance has been excellent on the grid with very little lag. I think this is going to work out very well.

While the region source code (and associated changes on the grid services side) is a derivative of OpenSim, running Halcyon regions is quite a bit different than running vanilla OpenSim regions. The setup is different and the database runs differently among other things. We look forward to test results – we are after all a research and development foundation not limited to one specific approach!

We give kudos to the entire OpenSim community because everyone plays a role from developer to causal user in moving the technology forward. The people at InWorldz have made their Halcyon derivative much leaner and more efficient than it’s predecessors and the MOSES team has given us a lot of insight in their research associated with the Halcyon derivative of OpenSim.

It will be interesting to start looking at the best of each derivative, including WhiteCoreSim and others eventually! All in all, we think this is a good starting point to begin creating the new Metaverse together as a virtual worlds community at IMA.

Our Advisory Board is taking shape nicely as we are seeking out the very best people to fill the seats there. Having the best people there will give us excellent direction and a wealth of knowledge that we need to create the future.

If you know someone who would like to lead a Working Group Branch Committee on the Director’s Council, or just be in a particular Working Group, send me a note at

I for one can’t wait so see all this finish coming together and the Infinite Metaverse Alliance being actively functioning and on it’s way. It should be a grand adventure for all of us!

Steve LaVigne
CFO, Infinite Metaverse Alliance

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