What Is IMA All About?

What Is IMA All About?

The Infinite Metaverse Alliance (IMA) is a foundation designed to get the community involved in research and development to improve the technology around Virtual Worlds, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality. What IMA is doing is something entirely new and different. IMA takes the best of past research and development efforts then adds a community focus at a level that has never been done before.

IMA is all about community. Now, you can say what you want to see happen and IMA will help you realize your dreams. You can get started by joining IMA as a Social Member for free to get your feet wet and see how we do things.

IMA is designed to help anyone that has a good idea that will improve something in the technology to form a working group, to research the idea, then to develop it. IMA is set up to help people get funding for our members through grants and other means to actually hire people to code the things that they need coded. IMA can help by applying for grants using our professional grant writers and doing the bookkeeping required by the grants. IMA has the people and resources to make it easy for you.

IMA is gathering people from all over the virtual worlds community – non-professional and professional – to help you build a better Metaverse. We have an Advisory Board there to help guide you and get funding for you to realize your dreams. IMA has over 14 websites live or in work to help you and the community share knowledge and expertise we all benefit from.

The IMA websites for members include just about anything that will help you to success:

1. A Forum to share ideas among each other and as a place for sharing how-to articles and videos done by members.

2. Project software to help you to keep organized while you are creating.

3. IMA Test Grids to help you test your creations.

4. Advisors to help you all along the way to refine your ideas and dreams and help you see them come true.

5. The IMAginations Store to help you sell your builds and share things you want to share for free. The IMAginations Store will be a web-based marketplace much like Kitely Market and others. But, it will be able to be a central hub for sales to other grids using derivatives of Open Simulator without Hypergrid capability.

6. The IMA Expo is a place like a virtual Consumer Electronics Show where everyone having new projects and completed projects can show off what they have done and network with others. There will be some presentations there, but the Expo will be mainly for actually showing what is happening in the community and sharing it with everyone.

7. You will discover and learn new ways of building, scripting, and world creation through members only seminars given by top professionals in the Virtual World Community.

8. You will also be involved in lots of activities with like minded people where you can discuss your ideas and dreams then work to create them together.

By joining IMA as a subscriber, you become an actual legal partner in Infinite Metaverse Alliance with proportional member interest units. You also get access to IMA’s financial documents just as you would with a non-profit organization. As a partner, you will be issued a tax document every year with your financial details. Finally, by being a partner you will share in any profits that IMA generates while you are vested as a subscriber. IMA makes money-you make money!

Let’s create the Next Generation Metaverse together and start talking about how to create the Infinite Metaverse!

Steve LaVigne

The IMA Website Home Page:  http://infinitemetaverse.com/en/

Get Started with IMA: http://infinitemetaverse.com/en/join-us/subscribe

Contact Steve by e-mail: steve (at) infinitemetaverse.com

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